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Growing up my dad worked at the tip and always brought home suitcases full of photos that had been discarded ready to be destroyed. By trawling through the lives of others I develop paintings inspired by the concept of memories and human reactions surrounding identity. Shortly after studying for a BA in painting at Wimbledon College of Art, I developed severe epilepsy leaving me lost, confronted by a new place in life that I approach with art. I am identified as disabled now and refer to identity from a different ever evolving angle.
I create seemingly simple faces with clumsy expressive line on top of loaded conflicting painterly backgrounds. Through imagery I aim to address artistic ways of framing sanity and indifferent approaches to life and existence.

I create work that approaches situations overlapped by instinctive psychological reactions to mental discomfort. By juxtaposing masked characters in a conflicting realm I portray a yearning I both detest and desire.
Driven by a fascination with all approaches to portraiture I am obsessed with creating expressive yet seemingly simple faces through clumsy lines. This has turned out to be my most pained and satisfying anguish.

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